Revision and proofreading

It is always prudent to have a translated text checked again by someone else. Revision and proofreading entail having a fresh pair of eyes carefully check a text for errors. As we all know, a minor typo is easily made and the spell checker has been known to sleep on the job.

Juridica Translations - Erica Tegelaar, jurist en beëdigd vertaler Engels-Nederlands en vice versa

My revision and proofreading services are mainly offered to translation agencies and fellow language professionals but of course, if you are a business and in need of these services, do not hesitate to get in touch. I make a distinction here between revision and proofreading.

When revising a translation (from English to Dutch and vice versa), I check whether the style and terminology, also legal, have been used correctly and consistently, but I naturally also examine the spelling and grammar closely. In short, I check whether the content of the translation corresponds to the source text and whether the translation is linguistically correct.

When proofreading your translated or self-written Dutch texts, I do not compare the documents with the source text but pay attention only to the linguistic accuracy of the texts. I correct spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, and any grammatical errors.