Legal translations by an expert

Your legal documents expertly translated by Erica Tegelaar, lawyer and sworn translator for the language pairs English-Dutch and vice versa.

Juridica Translations - Erica Tegelaar, jurist en beëdigd vertaler Engels-Nederlands en vice versa

About me

My name is Erica Tegelaar. I am a lawyer and a sworn translator for the language pairs English-Dutch and Dutch-English. I successfully completed my English Translation Studies at the ITV University of Applied Sciences for Translation and Interpreting before specializing in legal translation through a post-graduate course. In early 2017, I founded my company, Juridica Translations, and was sworn in as a translator. My main focus is on legal translations, where my 12 years of work experience as a lawyer come in very handy. I work efficiently, translating the small print accurately, and always dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Legal translations

I am available for regular and sworn translations of all types of legal documents from and into Dutch, for both corporate clients and private individuals. The translation of your document will be in good and trusted hands. I will translate your document with great precision and attention to detail. Thanks to my thorough background as a lawyer and translator, your high-quality translation will be legally correct – you can count on it!

Translations for corporate clients

For corporate clients, I translate legal documents such as contracts, notarial deeds, judgments and general terms and conditions, but you have come to the right place for other business translations too.

Translations for private individuals

If you need a translation of an official document such as a will, diploma, residence permit or instrument of the civil registry, I will be happy to assist you.

Revision and proofreading

In addition to translations, and with the same enthusiasm and drive, I provide revision and proofreading services for all your legal translations and self-written texts.